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Aaron McIlroy | Comedian and MC | Durban

Durban comedian McIlroy’s unique, wacky brand of interactive comedy provides an unforgettable experience that the whole family - including your granny - can enjoy!
Alfred Adriaan | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Alfred Julian Adriaan is a young comedian flying up the ranks in the SA comedy scene with two consecutive South African comics’ choice nominations under his belt in the best New Comedian & best Intermediate comedian categories.

Alfred Adriaan
Al Prodgers | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

My parents had a sense of humour. They named a boilermaker's boy-child Alistair Martin Prodgers, and sent me off to school to get the snot beaten out of me!

Alan Committie | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Cape Town's  Alan Committie is one of the hardest working comics in South Africa and is fast becoming recognized as one of the funniest.
Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist | Hypnotist and MC  | Johannesburg

Performing to packed theatre’s for the past 21 years and with two of his very own TV series “SKATERLAG MET ANDRE” on DSTV you know you are not dealing with just any hypnotist.
Angel Blythe Campey | Comedian and MC  | Cape Town

With the name Angel, she didn't have the career luxury of becoming a doctor or lawyer and her options were limited to being a stripper or stand-up comedian/actress.
Barry Hilton | Comedian, MC and Motivational Speaker | Port Elizabeth

Barry Hilton
A celebrity for sure, Performing his original brand of South African humour, his sell-out shows are proof of his popularity as “the cleanest” comedian in the country.
Brendan Jack | Comedian | Johannesburg

Having finished making the feature films Straight Outta Benoni and Footskating 101, as well as the MTV Base show, Stay Off The Grass, he has been involved in writing, producing and acting in the TV show School of Jack.
Carvin H Goldsone | Comedian and MC | Durban

Carvin H, is not just a comedian. He has a career in entertainment that spans three genres and he has performed in three continents.
Conrad Koch | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg & Cape Town

Conrad Koch An outstanding comedian from Johannesburg is completely unique in using his combination of razor sharp comedy with an understanding of human dynamics to create effective corporate communication.
Celeste Ntuli | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Celeste had always been a joker, even at school, so it was no surprise when she decided to pursue comedy.
Chester Missing | Political Analyst Puppet | Johannesburg & Cape Town

Chester Missing is the world’s first political analyst puppet, on a mission to get South Africans laughing at people with power.
Chris Forrest | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Chris' witty and cynical one-line humour is thought provoking and to the point. Totally nerdish and unflappable, his Drew Carey- looks and slowed-up delivery have ensured that audiences take to him enthusiastically.
Chris Mapane | Comedian  | Johannesburg

o share with the world. He started doing stand-up comedy with a one man show at the University of the Witwatersrand and never looked back since then.
Dale Amler | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Making his debut at the popular Cool-running’s in Melville, he was received with raptures of laughter, something very uncommon on your first time.
Dalin Oliver | Comedian | Cape Town

Dalin Oliver is a Cape Town based Comedian as well as the Sports Presenter on Good Hope FM’s Breakfast show.
Dalin Oliver
Danny Fisher Road Show | Comedians and MC's | Durban

Danny Fisher, a rubber-faced comedian, does impressions of famous stars of stage and screen.
Darren Maule | Comedian and MC | Durban

Darren Maule is a first generation South African but of Scottish-French decent. Yup, he is a real Jacobite!
Dave Levinsohn | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

One of the best for improvised-comedy, Dave has become one of SA’s original comedy acts,
David Kau | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

David was discovered at the Smirnoff International Comedy festival at The Baxter theatre in Cape Town, October 1998. The first time he ever performed as a stand-up comedian.
David Kibuuka | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

David Kibuuka is undeniably, one of the young talents of South African comedy. A graduated Finance Honours student with Wits University, “Dave” has a unique brand of humour that combines wit and intellect without losing touch with his audiences.
Deep Fried Man | Comedian | Johannesburg

Award-winning comedian Deep Fried Man's quirky, clever blend of music and comedy has seen him establish himself as a top South African comic in just over two years.
Deep Fried Man
Des Meyer | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Singing sensation Des Meyer will entertain you and your clients with up-market comedy and his powerful vocal talents...
Devin Gray | Comedian and Mc | Johannesburg

Devin Gray is the youngest working comedian in the whole of South Africa. At the young and tender age of 19 he has been doing comedy for over three years.
Devin Gray
Donovan Goliath | Comedian | Johannesburg

Donovan David Goliath’s bedtime stories about growing up in the Transkei as a coloured boy who looks white but speaks fluent Xhosa are more funny than scary.
Dusty Rich | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

His comedy style is very hard to pin down because of the general manic nature of this comedic talent.
Eddie Eckstein | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

You want the most memorable, talked about event of the old and new millennium – book Eddie now!
Etienne Shardlow | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Etienne Shardlow - South African stand up comedian famous for his portrayal of an 11 year old schoolboy with a warped view of the adult world around him.
Eugene Khoza | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Eugene Khoza has been described as a new age comedian who breaks down boundaries, builds bridges, challenges prejudices and inverts stereotypes, but Eugene will probably tell you that it’s just him telling it like he sees it.
Gareth Lush | Ventriloquist | Johannesburg

Having started his performing career as an illusionist, audiences quickly let him know that it was his skill as a Ventriloquist that they wanted to see. 
Gareth Woods | Comedian | Cape Town

Gareth’s comedic style is one of witty analysis and story telling, which is generally thought provoking. He pokes fun at why we do the things we do.
Gino Fabbri | Comedian and MC | Port Elizabeth

Gino Fabbri is an extraordinarily versatile and entertaining comedian/MC who performs throughout South Africa.
Glen Bo | Comedian | Durban

Glen Bo - Durban based, international Proudly South African comedian
Hannes Brummer | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Hannes Brummer is a South African comedian and actor best known for playing hilarious comical roles on the Afrikaans show Kompleks (aired in 2006) which he co-wrote.
Irit Noble | Comic, Singer and MC | Johannesburg and Cape Town

Award-winning musical comedienne Irit Noble is a singer, comic and MC deluxe! From being the Diva MC of Madame Zingara, to the Sun City Super Bowl to nation-wide appearances, her parodies of popular songs and spot-on humor about everyday life are renowned.
Isaac Gampu | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Has entertainment blood flowing in his veins. Comedy comes naturally to this young man who only started doing comedy
Isaac Gampu
Jason Goliath | Comedian | Johannesburg

Jason Goliath is a larger than life comedian who literally is larger than life (it’s because all this personality won’t fit into a smaller body ok!).
Jem Atkins | Comedian and MC | Durban

His humor is sometimes dry, sometimes bitter, but mostly full of high-energy,
Joe Parker | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Joe Parker is probably the most popular English-language South African stand-up comedian in the country over the last 15 years. Having worked all the major comedy venues including the Superbowl at Sun City.
Joey Rasdien | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Joey Rasdien is the epitome of South African comedy today. His endearing stage persona is intellectually absurd, physically hysterical and visually beside himself.
John Vlismas | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

John Vlismas Of the stand up comedians working the circuit in South Africa today, John has the widest international profile. From his 2002 performance in Berlin at the Maulhelden Festival, to his shows in Dubai in 2006 and 2008.
Judy Jake | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Judy Jake has been a stand-up comic for two years. She is the first professional black female comic in South Africa.
Kagiso Lediga | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Kagiso ventured into comedy while studying at UCT and over the ensuing years set about establishing himself as one of South Africa’s top comedians
Kedibone Mulaudzi | Comedian | Johannesburg

He has more than six years of experience (in 2003 Kedibone entered the stand up circuit with gusto!) and is labelled as the peoples comic!
south african comedians, comedians south africa,  
Krijay Govender | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Krijay Govender is a South African actress and stand-up comedienne best known for her role as publisher Jenna, Strini Pillai's former love interest, in SABC1's soapie Generations.
Kurt Schoonraad | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Kurt Schoonraad is one of South Africa’s best loved comedian celebrities. His style of performance and presenting has been likened to the world’s comedy greats such as Bill Cosby.
Leeanda Reddy | Comical MC | Johannesburg

Leeanda Reddy  is a popular face on our south African screens, famous for her current on screen role as Priyanka Naicker on Sabc 3's flagship show Isidingo.
Lisa Bobbert | Comedian | Durban

She is wild, she is whacky and she is wonderful. Lisa Bobbert is a Durban based comedian/singer/actress and recently a motivational speaker too.
Loyiso Madinga | Comedian | Johannesburg

One of the brightest new stand-up is a young man called Loyiso Madinga, who was selected by his peers to receive the newcomer of the year award at the annual Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards in 2014.
Loyiso Madinga
Loyiso Gola | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

It's not often that politics is entertaining. Well, not intentionally anyway. But when Loyiso Gola gets hold of it, you can't help but laugh.
comedians in south africa  
Malcolm Ferreira | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Malcolm Ferreira a fresh, dynamic and original comic, who’s fast becoming one of the most in-demand comedian in South Africa.
Marc Lottering | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Marc Lottering hails from Cape Town and is considered by many to be one of the hottest comics on offer from South Africa. He continues to keep audiences in stitches, both in South Africa and abroad.
Mark Banks | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Mark Banks has become one of the most recognized and respected stand-up comedians of his time.

Mark Palmer | Comedian and MC | Cape Town and International

Mark Palmer  the comedy circuit's 'nice guy'. With a comedic voice heavily influenced by the likes of Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld, he is just what South Africa has been waiting for.
Mark Sampson | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

A passionate believer in the power of comedy to unite people, Sampson was the founder of the Cape Comedy Collective.
Martin Evans | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Martin has long been praised for his originality and his quality of performance.
Martin Jonas | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Is Jonas rude? Oh, sure. Is he funny? You better believe it. But there is a striking depth and intelligence to his dialogue that leaves you feeling this boytjie from Kempton Park is destined for big things.
Mel Jones | Mc and Comedian | Cape Town

Born and raised in Cape Town and a proud resident of Mitchell’s Plain, Mel Jones describes herself as "the favourite" of three siblings.    
Mel Miller | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

A true legend of South African comedy, Mel started mixing comedy and folk music in 1964.
south african comedians, comedians south africa,  
Melt Sieberhagen | Comedian and Singer | Johannesburg

He would love to one day own a bar with the name "Fok Weet", since that's where people are always going when he asks where he can meet them.
Mojak Lehoko | Comedian, MC, Writer and Actor | Johannesburg

Mojak Lehoko is a Johannesburg based comedian who has grace various stages across South Africa and abroad.
Mojak Lehoko
Mpho Popps | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Mpho became a household name after entering "So you think you're funny" back in 2009.
Ndumiso Lindi | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Comedy has always been a part of his life, have been raised by parents who believed that humour is second in importance only to discipline.
Nik Rabinowitz | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

He grew up on a farm, climbing trees and commentating on his own rugby games in at least three of South Africa’s eleven official languages.
Nina Hastie
Nina Hastie | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Nina Hastie is quite clearly one smart comedienne. She is undoubtedly one of SA’s top female comic and Pretoria’s finest comics.
Nina Hastie
Piet Potgieter | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Piet Potgieter is the biggest Afrikaner comedian to hit South African stages in the last five years - literally. This two meter tall Dutchman from Kraaifontein has taken the local comedy scene by storm.
Piet Potgieter
Pravesh Mungaldave | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Some would say Pravesh has been increasing revenue for tailors as he’s known for leaving his audiences in stitches.
Rhys Woods | Comedian, MC and Cabaret  | Cape Town

Rhys is an off-beat entertainer with charisma, intelligence and loads of sassy catch phrases
Riaad Moosa | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Riaad was part of the largest stand-up show in the history of South African television 'Laugh out Loud', where he joined nine of SA’s top comics to raise money for the Reach for a Dream foundation.
Richelieu Beaunoir | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

A friendly easy going guy his style is a blend of quick wit, clever observations and a personality that shines through on stage
Richelieu Beaunoir
Robby Collins | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Robby started in the theatre performing at the Catalina Theatre in 2006. His first play was "Wherez It @" a youth comedy drama.
Rob van Vuuren | Comedian  | Cape Town

This legendary theatre director / producer / playwright / actor extraordinaire is one of South Africa’s most celebrated talents
Roland Gasper | Comedian, MC and Motivational Speaker | Johannesburg

Roland is frequently seen on screens across the nation in commercials for brands like Makro, MiWay, General Motors and others.
Roni Modimola | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Roni Modimola is a performer who can be relied on to win over the trickiest crowd with his quiet charm, philosophical musings, silly word-plays and good old-fashioned gags that leave the crowd begging for more.
Shaun Wewege | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Despite the fact that Shaun grew up in southern Johannesburg, he has somehow transformed himself from ‘caveman to showman’, walking upright,
Shimmy Isaacs | Comedian | Cape Town

Widely regarded as one of Cape Town’s funniest female comedians she has performed alongside artists such as David Newton & Martin Evans.
Sifiso Nene | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Sifiso Nene is a stand-up comedian and MC originally from KZN. He holds the title as the first winner of So You Think You are Funny in 2009. .
sifiso nene
Sivuyile Ngesi | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

Sivuyile Ngesi is a 25 year old actor born in the township of Gugulethu, Cape Town. .
Soli Philander | Comedian and MC | Cape Town

This versatile performer is undoubtedly one of our countries top entertainers, more often than not using his distinctly unique brand of Cape Coloured humour.
Starship Improvise | Comedians | Johannesburg

Starship Improvise is a collective of South Africa’s freshest, funniest and most talented improvisers, doing “Whose Line is it Anyway?” style short form improv.
Stig | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Having made a rapid transition from newbie open mic act to a professional South African comedian late 2011, this young comic is fast becoming a serious force to reckon with
Stuart Taylor | Comedian and Magician | Cape Town

Best Known as "the guy from Going Nowhere Slowly” Stuart Taylor was the reigning SA National Comedy Magic Champion
Tolassmo | Comedian | Johannesburg

Tolassmo, in a short time frame, has become one of South Africa’s well-known comedians, and a household name. Coming from a humble township ubringing mixed with a model C education, Mo has used this to become a very interesting comedian.
Tats Nkonozo | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Tats Nkonzo is the rising comedian blazing comedy clubs all over Johannesburg.
Tats Nkonozo
Tim Plewman | Comedian and Actor | Johannesburg

His comedy play, written in conjunction with Jonathan Rands, called The Insatiables won Best Comedy Play for 2008
Tony De King | Comedian and Musician | Johannesburg

Tony De King will ensure an excellent evening’s entertainment, whatever the occasion.
Tracy Klass | Comedian | Cape Town

Tracy has been performing stand up comedy since her arrival in Cape Town in 1999. She is known for her ‘growing up disgracefully’ stance on life and being dragged towards middle age
Trevor Gumbi | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

Trevor Gumbi has had people laughing at several major comedy events in the country, including performing at Oppikoppi.
Tumi Morake  | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

A performer at heart, her acting career began in 2004. On discovering a knack for comedy, she branched off onto the stand-up comedy circuit in 2007
Warren Robertson | Comedian and MC | Johannesburg

has won awards and competitions in both the UK and South Africa and in 2011 was nominated by his peers as being one of the Breakthrough Acts of the year.
Wolfgang Riebe | Comedy Magician and MC | Cape Town

If you want a success story at your next event, Wolfgang will inspire you with his special brand of fine magic and motivation. And, oh yes, he is only 41 years old.

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