Kevin Perkins aka Michael Naicker

Comedian and MC - International
Kevin Perkins aka Michael Naicker


Known more often by his South African Indian stage character, Michael Naicker™ Kevin Perkins already has a huge following in South Africa with sold out shows wherever he performs. Expect raunchy and riotous jokes about suped up cars, South Africa and South Africans, politics, and so much more.

Everyone’s favourite white Indian brother, Mike Naicker aka Kevin Perkins.

The King of comedy and sms and internet jokes is about to release his debut CD and the material is all there to make Michael Naicker as big as Leon Schuster or Barry Hilton CD’s.

Michael Naicker already has a HUGE following in South Africa with a mailing list of 500 000 people and sold out shows wherever he performs. He is a full time comedian that performs at functions day in and day out.

The comedian, Kevin Perkins, performs skits and songs in disguise as your general South African Indian person. He jokes about suped up cars, South Africa and many other hilarious, and sometimes raunchy, explicit topics.

The album was produced by Kevin Kruger, the producer of the classic Leon Schuster comedy CD’s that have broken various sales records in S.A.T.

His comedy sketch CD will bring the laughter into people’s homes and will make MICHAEL NAICKER into a household name. The album also includes three parody songs.

Kevin’s stage shows incorporate what he calls his “normal” stand-up comedy as well as the side-splitting “tales from the street” related through the eyes of the inimitable Michael Naicker.

Michael Naicker began as a small 5 minute sketch in Kevin’s stand-up routine, but it was when Kevin decided to use Mike as his unique selling point in a cell phone viral marketing initiative that the magic was born. The first comedy IVR Michael Naicker episode received 14,000 calls in the first two days. The response to the line was unprecedented.

The now famous “phone prank to the Rabbi” received similar response with 208,000 minutes being recorded in the first 12 days, and to date, Michael Naicker viral comedy lines have received over 1 million minutes of airtime. South Africa’s call for fresh and exciting comedy had been answered.


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